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Gay Escorts Buenos Aires

Gay Escort Services

SOY TUYO is an extensive gallery with more than one hundred models and masseurs offering different escort and massage services. The site includes pictures, video, stats and contact info for each one. These sites are independent from the guys, and charged them an advertising/listing fee. To visit Soy Tuyo (Which means: "I ´m yours" in Spanish).

Revista Ratones Argentine escorts in personal galleries. Revista Ratones is a printed magazine that comes attached to Imperio Gay magazine that you can buy on newsstands. This online version has profiles of different male escorts and masseurs To watch the Escorts Gallery click .

Leonos and Soy Tuyo were both the pioneers in the escort online advertising in Argentina since early 2001. As the rest of the sites, Leonos includes dozens of guys who offer their escort services, and information about them. Leonos was closed for some time in the mid 2000´s, bus has came back and offers a decent collection of hot guys. Leonos has social tools, as Facebook like button, and illustrative pics of the model sizes (Most married clients probably don´t want their twitter account updated with the taxiboy they like, but it is innovative!). To watch the Gallery of Gay Escorts from Leonos click .

Spartacus Net Is a relatively new website with a decent collection of guys, mostly around 25. There are also masseurs, and a videa section Spartacus boys. You can suscribe to their newsletter to receive information about Spartacus models

Online Classifieds Advertisings

You can find escorts and masseurs in classified advertising pages, there are many messages offering them, some directed only to women. The pictures or identities of publishers is not checked, so it is important to be cautious (always), but to extreme safte precautions. There is legislation baning these ads, mostly directed to women to prevent trafficking.

 VIVA AVISOS: Servicios Eróticos Gays/Escorts Masajista Masculino: Gay escorts classified advertising for Buenos Aires y great Buenos Aires MaleEscorts Section These advertisings are male escorts, some only for women, in Buenos Aires area.  Some not alll include picture.

Online Dating Sites

Online Dating Sites (Gaydar, Manhunt, Grindr): It is not uncommon for escorts/taxiboys to create profiles gay in websites like Manhunt, Gaydar, Grindr (the most popular ones in Buenos Aires for dating or hook ups). As some these sites may/used to charge male prostitutes for offering their services, the guys have to do it with discretion.

So their profiles often hide the fact that they are escorts, and in some cases they won´t admit it to you in the site website/messages. The photos, in most cases will speak for themselves. Just to be aware, so you know when you are shopping and when you are looking for a romantic date.

Street Escorts

Street Escorts in Santa Fe corners, the formerly gay avenue, there used to be guys cruising. On the right side of Avenida Santa Fe&; it was quite common to find at night, people waiting buses (that would never arrive), or watching shop displays at 1 AM, or just openly cruising. Popular corners for gay escorts were Santa Fe & Pueyrredón, Santa Fe & Ecuador. Internet and an increase in crime, made this type of hooking almost extinc nowadays. The Street escorts were called "taxi boys" in local slang. This was always; the less safe, but the cheapest escort choice. Never bring one of them to your hotel is a good common sense advice. There are many hotels by the hour in the area were you can go with the guy. All hotels by hour accept same sex couples in Buenos Aires City since 2001.

Forum XP

Foro Escort - Male Section - Foro Escort - Male Section is the male thread in at he biggest Escort forum. Here users can exchange information about their -good or bad experiences- with guys from the listings. The forum is only in Spanish, but you can translate the threads with any online translator like Google Translate. You can finds hundreds of reviews of guys who publish in all sites, of those who not. A great place to check before calling. As in the Male Section, you can see the pictures of the escort if you register to the site. There are not many reports compare to the general areas oks, more or less, great and excellent reviews from the general forum, so if the guy you planned to call is listed in "Malas Experiencias", probably you should call the next one in the list.


Legal Disclaimer: doesn't have any affiliation, contact, partnership or any other type of commercial relationship with models included in this page. Despite hutslting, prostitution, and massages with happu ending are not forbidden by criminal law in Buenos Aires, the criminal code incriminates the person who intermediates between the hustler and the client. Also the offer or demand of paid sex in the streets is a misdemeanor if it takes place less than 2 blocks from a residential area, a school or a temple. We do not promote illegal conducts, nor we are responsible for your contact or experience with these models.